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Air Conditioning Aldershot


Car air conditioning has been rapidly standardised over the last 10 years due to the major enhancement it brings to passenger comfort. Drivers now realise that to work properly their car air conditioning systems do require regular maintenance.

Car and van air conditioning systems will tend to lose refrigerant over time as it leaks out through the joints in components. This will cause the air conditioning performance to deteriorate and just when you need that cold blast of air to keep you cool, it may not work at all. If you leave your car air conditioning operating with low refrigerant levels more serious problems can occur with both air and moisture entering the system.

85% of all new cars are now fitted with air conditioning
Manufacturers recommend an air conditioning service every 2 years.

If your air con doesn't blow cold, it may just need a re-gas-  Keep cool when this year's heat wave arrives!

Air Conditioning Aldershot

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